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(April 27 (Sat.), 2019)

LCA 2019 Conference at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. 

Address: 231 Hebrard ave, Lafayette LA 70503

Register at  the link: https://forms.gle/y9macVRFR6bKiSUYA

(Register now or on the day of conference) 

Payment for the conference will be accepted by check, card, or PayPal at the conference itself on April 27, 2019.
Student - $20   |  University Faculty / Professional - $50

(Oct. 1, 2018)

LCA division chairs were selected and informed to LCA members! Congratulations, Division Chairs! 


About LCA


LCA aims to create a wide and firm network among scholars and students who are based at institutions of higher education in Louisiana and provide members with opportunities to  share their ideas and collaborate to contribute to communication scholarship. 

Dedicated Administrators


Dr. Do Kyun David Kim at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette / kimcomm@louisiana.edu


Dr. T. Phillip Madison at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette / tpm6613@louisiana.edu

LCA Journal Editor (Louisiana Speaks: The Journal of the Louisiana Communication Association):

Stephanie Grey at Louisiana State University /  houston@lsu.edu 

Promotion Coordinator: 

Emilie Montagnet, News Producer at KATC-Channel 3, Lafayette, LA. 

Exciting Opportunities

LCA offers a wide variety of scholarly activities, communication routes, and outlets for scholarly outcomes; ranging from annual conferences to our own LCA journal. 

LCA Divisions and Chairs

Undergraduate Research

Prof. Jon Croghan at Northwestern State



Prof. Donald Govang at LA Tech (dgovang@latech.edu)

Strategic Communication

(including PR, Advertising, Health comm, Environmental comm, etc.) 

Prof. Adaobi Duru at UL-Monroe (duru@ulm.edu

Graduate Research

Prof. Phillip Auter at UL-Lafayette 


Mass Communication & Journalism

Prof.  Shearon Roberts at Xavier U - NOLA (srobert7@xula.edu

Human Communication

(including Interpersonal Comm, Organizational Comm, Intercultural Comm, Instructional Comm., etc )  

Prof. Amy Veuleman at McNesse (aveuleman@mcnesse.edu

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